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  1. I’d say it’s a predictable pop. Hit me up at reppiiinsnowllc@gmail.com. I’ll get a demo out to you when the season comes. Unless you live near a mountain that’s still open. I can also send you a video review done by Martin Drayton.
  2. The Chronick Booster is a nickel/chrome smelted alloy material. 3 times more pop than ordinary metals. This is exclusive to Alloy Snowboards. I just added a photo of the D.O. with a clear top sheet so you can see the two metal strips.
  3. I’m selling a new 18/19 Alloy D.O. 161. Great softboot carver and BX racer. Chronick Booster metal plate on the ultra core. ISO NHS 7816 race base. Waist width 25.2. Positive camber with a directional tapered shape. MSRP is $999 USD. End of season price is $700.
  4. Shane @ Alloy informed me that the D.O. 157 and 165 will not have the extra 0.5 mm camber under the inserts. That is just a spec for the 161. Also, the 19/20 D.O. will have. Wide version.
  5. I have ordered 8 165s for next year. 3 of which are already spoken for. We eagerly await your full review!
  6. Thank you for the great review Barry! I can’t wait to hear your post tune review. Would your racers prefer the D.O. 157? I can send that one as well. Shoot me an email if you are interested.
  7. Hi Barry, The board is not new. It was a demo in Korea. I won't have any new stock until October. At that time I will have one of each model size available for demo.
  8. Hi Barry, The D.O. arrived at your PO Box Saturday. I did not get it straight from the factory so the edges may have been tuned. From the factory the edge is at 89 and the base edge at -.8.
  9. Alloy did not get a distributor locked in for the 18/19 season in Canada so I will be able to help you out. I am sending a demo out today. I will have that sent to you after if you'd like.
  10. I’ll email the company. Where are you located?
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