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  1. New price is $500. Clearing house for the 19/20 stock.
  2. I’d say it’s a predictable pop. Hit me up at reppiiinsnowllc@gmail.com. I’ll get a demo out to you when the season comes. Unless you live near a mountain that’s still open. I can also send you a video review done by Martin Drayton.
  3. The Chronick Booster is a nickel/chrome smelted alloy material. 3 times more pop than ordinary metals. This is exclusive to Alloy Snowboards. I just added a photo of the D.O. with a clear top sheet so you can see the two metal strips.
  4. I’m selling a new 18/19 Alloy D.O. 161. Great softboot carver and BX racer. Chronick Booster metal plate on the ultra core. ISO NHS 7816 race base. Waist width 25.2. Positive camber with a directional tapered shape. MSRP is $999 USD. End of season price is $500.
  5. Shane @ Alloy informed me that the D.O. 157 and 165 will not have the extra 0.5 mm camber under the inserts. That is just a spec for the 161. Also, the 19/20 D.O. will have. Wide version.
  6. I have ordered 8 165s for next year. 3 of which are already spoken for. We eagerly await your full review!
  7. Thank you for the great review Barry! I can’t wait to hear your post tune review. Would your racers prefer the D.O. 157? I can send that one as well. Shoot me an email if you are interested.
  8. Hi Barry, The board is not new. It was a demo in Korea. I won't have any new stock until October. At that time I will have one of each model size available for demo.
  9. Hi Barry, The D.O. arrived at your PO Box Saturday. I did not get it straight from the factory so the edges may have been tuned. From the factory the edge is at 89 and the base edge at -.8.
  10. Alloy did not get a distributor locked in for the 18/19 season in Canada so I will be able to help you out. I am sending a demo out today. I will have that sent to you after if you'd like.
  11. I’ll email the company. Where are you located?
  12. Are those that you mentioned in the Stratton area? There might be some boards available for demo at Stratton.
  13. Possibly. I was planning on Mt Bachelor Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but Wednesday looks like it might rain. Sunday at Hood might work. It’ll be a last minute decision so I’ll let you know Saturday.
  14. I wish! I am not sure how I swung a week away with the wife and no kids! Do you live in Portland? If so I will be there Saturday, March 3rd, till sometime the next day. I will gladly meet you so you can see the DO 161 in person.
  15. Stratton is planning to close on April 8th. I think Alloy is talking to someone in Vancouver about distribution in Canada. I will see if they have contracted them yet.
  16. The D.O. 165 is a new size for next year. I have only been on next years 161. Hit some pretty high speeds on the 161. Not a lick of chatter and stayed on line. I could only imagine that the 165 is even more stable at high speeds. I am waiting to hear from Alloy about what they will be sending for demo purposes. I will keep you posted.
  17. I mostly ride at Stratton. I could definitely do a weekend around April 12th if they are still open.
  18. Where would you like to demo? I am based in CT but will travel.
  19. I will recommend that they look into it.
  20. That is the only picture I have on me. That is the 17/18 D.O. with a clear topsheet to show the guts. I will get more pics shortly.
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