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    Ski Sundown, Berkshire East, Arapahoe Basin
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    Ace Skwal 175cm
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    Thias Skwal: Easy Jungle 165, Guepard GS 183cm
    Virus: Chimera 175cm, Executor 203cm
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    2008 UPZ RC10 27-27.5(Fintec)
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    Bomber TD2s & TD3 Skwal Stepin
    Goofy and steep
    Quicksilver Arcane Stepin
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  1. If you are ordering from Donek this is what they recommend. https://www.donek.com/custom-graphics-guidance/
  2. New for 2019 is the Super Mitten Shell! Someone was looking for the link to the Thor Snow Raider site and while finding it I saw that a new model has been released! Check them out here! http://thorsnowgloves.com/
  3. Looks like UPZ just released a shock absorber for the Intec heel system. See the link below for details. http://xyz-net.ocnk.net/product/720 Thoughts?
  4. I feel like on my Thias Skwal Easy Jungle I make 40 turns per pitch!
  5. Heading up today to make some turns with friends. Keep an eye out for the guy on the Skwal wearing the neon one piece.
  6. I was at Butternut this past Tuesday after not riding there for about 20 years and was very pleased. The snow was in great condition after the storm and the groomers did an excellent job making it smooth. The terrain there is indeed mellower then what I typically ride but the trails have lots of mounds and undulations that make it very fun to play around on a small board. The lift ticket price is only $25 midweek so there is a lot of appeal there too. I will definitely be back!
  7. @Bobby BuggsI'd be willing to spend most of the day riding Exhibition versus Comp if it helps get you out. I'll keep you posted on next possible visit date.
  8. @Bobby Buggs I get out midweek sometimes. Does that ever work for you? Shooting for a day next week weather and conditions depending.
  9. Great day to get out yesterday. A little more crowded that usual due to the holiday week for the kids. Also made my lift ticket +$20 than usual. Snow was a very nice hardpack. Maybe 2 clicks harder than chalk. Great coverage on every trail with fantastic groom. Expedition is full width, wide and fast, with the banked slope on the right being completely covered. Rode mainly Comp and upper chief/Comp. Highly rippable snow...get some!
  10. Going today...as in right now. Should be phenomenal!
  11. Looking at maybe trying to get up there on Friday. Stay tuned.
  12. I almost went up to Berkshire East today too. Might try for Monday if all goes to plan. I think Beckmann is pretty spot on. You should maybe try to ride a wide trail narrow so you can build your confidence. For instance at Berkshire East if you are on lower Comp only ride the right side of the trail, and ride it tight. When I was there last week they were setting up a race course on lower Comp and they left a nice little slot between the edge of the trail and the gates. @pow4ever What board were you riding today?
  13. Tentative plans to head there tomorrow. Should be near hero after this past storm.
  14. *Ace*

    Now What?

    Commit an entire day to it! If you are coming from Alpine you probably want to setup your board with a wide stance. IMHO this is far more stable and doesn't jam up the knees. Forward angles actually are what help make the skwal work so well so don't be afraid of that. I would say to start with no poles. The Thias Easy Jungle can be an aggressive board that turns wicked sharp. That being said keep your speed down at first. The 8m single sidecut can turn faster than you can it seems and will launch you over the handle bars. These boards love to be ridden with pressure right between the bindings. No need to nose load. Standard tuning is advised, escpecially for Colorado. I run .5 off the base edge and 2 on the sides for my Easy Jungle with no detune. I like to keep my front foot clipped in when skating and on the lift. If you are coming from Alpine you are probably used to this and should stick to it. Go out with Don if possible as I am sure some hands on advice would help too. Wish I could join you guys! Still trying to put something together for this year...
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