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    Ski Sundown, Berkshire East, Arapahoe Basin
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    Owner/Manager @ The North House
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    Ace Skwal 175cm
    Ace Skwal Green Mountain Proto 165cm
    Thias Skwal: Easy Jungle 165, Guepard GS 183cm
    Virus: Chimera 175cm, Executor 203cm
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    Madd Twin Tip 158cm
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    2008 UPZ RC10 27-27.5(Fintec)
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    Bomber TD2s & TD3 Skwal Stepin
    Goofy and steep
    Quicksilver Arcane Stepin
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  1. @DC_Casual_Hardbooter Ill take that! PM me total price shipped to 06001.
  2. *Ace*

    Boards for sale

    How old is and 'Old Tinkler'? The extra cash I happen to have available would like to know...
  3. Open for business! https://www.nj.com/bergen/2019/12/indoor-ski-slope-at-american-dream-is-open-heres-a-first-look-inside.html?outputType=amp
  4. Hey @Peter I'm not sure of your knowledge about this board but the stance and insert pattern is unusual for a skwal. Bindings are mounted offset from the center of the board FYI. If this is what you are after then good luck and happy skwalling!
  5. Ya I'm not exactly waiting for first chair. Could be a fun thing to in the middle of summer. Other than that, just glad they are actually going to open it.
  6. BEast is now open for business!
  7. *Ace*

    Skwal riders?

    Starting to get all the pieces back together to start pressing my own boards. I had to relocate the press and equipment after the building I was operating out of changed hands. Just picked up a custom CNC router which should help make dreams a reality. Super stoked for this upcoming season! I may have some Ace Skwal Green Mountain PROTO 165cm boards available later in the year. Anyone interested? I also have Ace Skwal 175cm boards available. New stock available and some demos at a discounted price. If you have interest please shoot me a message. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on these boards for the remainder of 2019!
  8. Let me know! I've got a guy that would be perfect size for this!
  9. Cool topsheet graphics. Nice score!
  10. Impeccable timing..
  11. Was from the first year they had U.S. Open there. Haven't had a chance to play yet. I have a bunch of iron sets hoarded. If someone is serious about knowing what's there for possible purchase let me know!
  12. @Shred Gruumer Ya I would entertain $85(plus ship) for them. I think they are 2-pw white dot. Want pics?
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