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Seriously disturbing muzak...

big mario

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I heard somethong that really blew my mind today, The Damned's Alone Again Or.... as muzak. That is just so wrong!! :mad: I can almost forgive Iggy for the carnival cruise stuff, but damn, it seems soooo wrong :AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin. I am curious, has hearing songs from your youth selling goods and services or being rearranged into bland background noise make youfeel like this: :barf::barf: ?


not dealing well with advancing maturity,


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The one that sticks out in my mind forever: 1980, 3am in a completely deserted Mexico City airport, Muzak version of Jimi's "Voodoo Child", looped about every 45 mins. I should have been disgusted, but it was a fitting end to a 2 week trip of volcano climbing that was one surreal event after another. :freak3:

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