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Stratton Mtn Open Downhill


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Attention all you SPEED JUNKIES....on Monday, Feb 13th, Stratton is holding its first downhill for skiers and snowboarders of ALL ages and abilities!!

Tentative Schedule:

8:00- 9:30 Sign up; training run in the morning and one timed race in the afternoon.

Think you're fast??!! Show us the speed!!! We will have a radar on you!!

Requirements: helmet, no license

Recommended: speedsuits, snowboards 180CM+; skis 210cm+

Cost: Cost for going fast $50 (includes lift ticket)... ability to ski at 75+ MPH and board at 65+ = priceless :) :D

Hope to see you there - any questions contact me by email. Mike Nash


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They ran it on Standard. It started at the very top and was pretty much a wide open GS through the narrow top part. Were the trail gets wider they opened up the gates to a SuperG- downhill and it ended at the wide open flat area. I did not see any snowboarders but I cannot confirm for sure if any were actually there. My guess would be speeds in the upper 60's


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I have done this in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with skiers. I was the only snowboarder. Times were not as fast as skiers and I felt beaten. On the third run I fel and swept two gates. It is tough and needs endurance... plus skiers have different line so you have to cross their ruts. Thi is a painful expereince at high speed. If you do not have softer board (I took the wrong one since my softer and longer Donek was in repair) and felt awful. Of course after that accident I still made a few fun runs without gates :) ... but gate expereince at high speed accident is mine :cool:

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Did you receive my email? Are you coming to Windham? We may get over

30 carvers. See the Ride Board.


No I did not. I am not sure if my e-mail is correct on this site. A lot has changed for last years. Some of my e-mail too.

This year is so slow that I haven't had chance to make any run on snowboard. Just runs on my shoes from steps of my landlord's house when there was snow :)

However I shiofted towards another type of racing these days (and using some of expreience from snowboarding). Hope to catch up with guys on autocross and race track in my car.

BTW My crossing fingers did not help Jagna. She was going to fight for medal as she was prepared for one of top three positions. She faild on second run for menthal reasons rather than technique and did not qualify (missed chance by 0.01 second). I believe she had 5th time after 1st run. What a frustration... Anyway parallel formula is about strong mental prep I guess.

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I will be there as long as you are racing YEEEHAAA what is up Mike LOL any fights recently TRUCKY LOL that crap was the last time I saw u I thought u died

If can get back east this winter it would great to get out on the hill and do a ski day or ski race as I don't have any boards left. Sure would bring back some good memories some not so good but all fun!!!:D

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