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thermoflex molding notes


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there have been allot of threads about molding your own liners recently so I in boredome have conducted some experiments, I had planned on replacing my current pair of now it seems this is not needed

here are my findings

1, ripped liners are still good! just tape them up with a little duct tape.

2, they can be remolded at least 10 times, they do not puff up like the first couple times but these here I have molded 10 times with no problems

3, make sure you get that heel deep in the heel pocket

4, some custom footbeds are heat sensitive so it is possible to do damage to them if you botch a fitting session with these liners, my footbeds do change every time I mold my liners but in my case it actually helped since mine had flattened, now they have a little more arch to them

5, it seems the liners shrink a little with each molding I don't feel it but the cuff on them is noticably lower, possibly its all in my head but I think not.

6, the heel area of the liner seems to be the last part of the liner to heat up to the proper temp for molding so in the future this is the spot I will be keeping a eye on while heating my liners

these observations are based on the Raichle HPD liner, the other variants may not be the same but I assume they are very close

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If you use duct tape for rips in the liners, won't the adhesive get all gooey when you heat it up?

Not sure if you found the same thing, but I noticed that there seemed to be less volume in the liner even after the second molding compared to the first.


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