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Minneapolis area boot fitters?


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Pierce Ski and Skate in Bloomington and/or Hoiggards. We have been to both and have had mixed results. Kinda depends on the person helping you. On a recent training trip to Copper Mountain we went to Sure Foot.....they really know what they are doing and are very reasonable.

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I have a new set of boots that are to be delivered today and was wondering where I could take them to get custom foot beds and fitting.

Go to Edina Bike and ask for Pat Devine. Without a doubt, Pat is the most knowledgable boot fitter in the midwest. He left Hoigaard's last year to help start a bike shop. If Mark is around, he can give you the number. I think its undecided if he's going to still fit on the side or not....

The other guy is "Paco" who is making ortho stuff at Fairview. He owned a shop in Breckenridge for 20 years. You could find him through talking with Bob Soash at Hoigaard's....

Good luck


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