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  1. I'm out. I thought I had my schedule figured out, guess not. I will be out in Utah, staring at the mountains while I work. I may try to ski while I am out there....
  2. Great pics! Fun hanging out with everyone.
  3. I think I may be out tomorrow morning.
  4. Karl, Good idea, but its already done. Check this one out: http://flynixie.com/ Bob, The video's came out better than I though with the flat light. Nice work on bringing the roof rake. Trent, Thanks for putting this together!!! Nice seeing everyone, sorry I had to be such a wussy. Glad I left when I did, I did something to my side that doesn't feel all that great.
  5. I ride mine pretty much exclusively. The board gives you a lot of time to think about your turn.
  6. I am planning on being at Indianhead on Friday January 30. I am snowmobiling the rest of the weekend with family.
  7. Thanks gentlemen for the updates. There are camps at Buck as well. I'll probably just got out for a couple of hours till I am frozen. I'll try to get up later on this season.
  8. Anybody riding tomorrow 12/30? I was thinking about heading up for the day.
  9. Soft snow for sure. Not too bad this morning, but the flat light made things interesting. I'll be out tomorrow morning.
  10. I rode today. Buck made a lot of snow! Conditions should hold for a great day of carving. Looking forward to seeing everyone out there.
  11. Ryan if I make it over to West Bend for work this season I will hit you up. I hit up Sunburst once last season.
  12. I would stick with Indianhead. If the Porkies ever opened again I would venture back there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I made it for opening. Lasted about an hour. Milk run was in great shape except for skiers left at the bottom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I grew up in that area. I would skip Big Powderhorn for carving. All the trails merge and are off camber. So your toe side is higher than your heal side, or vice versa. The posts from my friends that live up there are pretty unreal. Last year at Christmas Mt Bohemia had the most amount of snow in North America, I am guessing this year will be the same.
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