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Calling All Front Range Carvers!!

big mario

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This post is not meant to hack off any of you snow deprived east or west coasters, but

LOVELAND ROCKED TODAY!! a week and a half ago there were like 4 trails open, 2 lifts and a 20 inch base. I woke up this morning, checked the snow report, and saw that there was 5" fresh, 40"+ base, and they had opened up just about the entire mountain!! Pcogan and myself had most of the groomers to ourselves early on, and as the crowds began to grow, the ski patrol opened up more terrain. We put the race boards away, and began our quest for virgin powder. We found enough to sate our appetites for now, but we wanted to save some for tomorrow. We quit around 11:30, the crowds were staring to get a little thick. If anyone is interested, there will be a few of us at the bottom of lift 1 @ 8:30 tomorrow morning. The weather forcast is for sunshine and 38 degrees. That coupled with all the open terrain and new snow point to an epic day. Lets have a Loveland expression session tomorrow! :eplus2::biggthump


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Guest Ninjette


we hit Loveland yesterday. It was the first day opening chair #4 for the season and there was fresh everywhere! Nice vibe - awesome day-my midweek pass has pretty much already paid for itself! :biggthump


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