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New England next Sun./Mon. (20th,21st)


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Are they opening only for weekend or will they be open Monday as well

Good question Dave. It's tough to tell from their website but it looks like their intent is to remain open.

I got an e-mail from them that said:

The countdown is officially on! Oh yeah, only a few short days until you can hit the sweet slopes of Okemo! Countdown, Drop Off, Upper and Lower World Cup, and hopefully...Defiance! Do you hear them calling your name? Listen, you just have to find a way to make this happen. In fact, here are some of our top picks for reasons you should feel justified answering the call:

Top 5 Reasons you have to ski Okemo Friday

5: You give your job 110% every day. It's time to cut loose and reward yourself. (Hey, somebody has to right?)

4: It burns calories, which means you'll have more room for turkey next Thursday.

3: Because – let’s face it – the Patriots kinda stink this year.

2: Our snowmakers and groomers have been working all sorts of crazy hours, which makes them a little edgy, and if you don’t show up, they'll sic the OKEMONSTER on you!

And, the #1 reason you just have to ski Okemo this weekend....

No matter what they say...the first time is always the sweetest.

Lift ticket prices for Friday: $30 Adult | $25 Young Adult/Sr. | $20 Jr/Super Sr

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Thanks for feedback fellas. Really trying to nail down info on any hill that will be open 4-sure on Monday the 21st. I'm sure that $unday is no problem, however, I really don't want to drive 8-9 hours to discover that some bean counter decided not to run lifts on Monday because it's not "economically viable" or some such. Ideally, Monday could be; less expensive + less people (i.e., less new yorkers) = a much better day than Sunday. Many Thanks.

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Here's today's webcam shot from Okemo. I'm planning on being there tomorrow!


Their snow report from an hour ago sounds like they do plan on being open on Monday:

Gooooood afternoon skiers and riders, this is Tristan with your Friday afternoon snow report. And what a day it’s been – Opening Day of Okemo’s 50th anniversary season! It’s about 2:30 here, and looking out my window, I can see a parking lot full of cars from all over the Northeast who came to ski the first ski area open for the season in Vermont – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine – you name the state, they’re here. In a few hours those cars will be full of people going home after a day on the slopes, their early season ski-itch successfully scratched. I was up on the summit around noon, with beautiful blue skies accompanied by views of all the other mountains in the area that weren't open! and also by the (even more beautiful…) sound of the snowguns blanketing the mountain. My few runs were amazing, and Upper World Cup was pretty sweet, I’ll have to say. It’s a great start to a season that can only get better (go uphill? or is it downhill?) from here.

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I plunked down $39 yesterday and rode Okemo. In the morning we were restricted to Defiance and Upper World Cup. If you wanted to come down to the base area you had to ride the lift down. By 12:30 we had top to bottom riding on World Cup. Conditions were better than expected (no rocks!) and it wasn't crowded.

The season has begun!

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