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Sun Peaks insight

big canuck

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I'm contemplating going to Sun Peaks for a few days to a week in Dec or Jan. Any insight on the mountain would be appreciated. I've seen it in a few threads and I'm assuming its "carving friendly". Anyone who cares to give some feedback it is appreciated. Good pubs in the area? Thanks.


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Definitely a great carving hill - awesome grooming, and even the snow sucked for most of when I was there last December, I am told that's the exception and not the rule. The first day was awesome though :) Why not go to the Snowperformance camp in December? I did it last December, and will probably do it again.

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Guest Randy S.

For any of you guys who go there this season, track down a guy named Adam Earle, his phone is 250-578-0207. He's in charge of the Velocity Challenge Speed Skiing Event. They don't allow snowboards to compete. Allegedly the run-out isn't "suitable" for snowboards. I don't understand how that is possible. Maybe someone could show him that we could safely navigate the course? I'd love to compete in that sucker. Then again, I suppose I could borrow my friend's speed skiing gear. Hmmm.

Hello, my name is Randy and I'm an adrenaline junkie. :smashfrea

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