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OT: Hunting - Always wear your harness

Guest Thomas_S

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Guest Thomas_S

My harness saved my life this morning.

I got into the woods around 5:30ish this morning. Anyhow, after getting started up my tree, I ran into big trouble. In the span of twenty seconds, the bottom had falllen out. Sitting on my climbing bar, I managed to get the bottom wedged back in, but immediately after doing this BOTH parts slid out from under me to the bottom of the tree. Now I'm hanging up there around 12' high, hugging the tree, but still sliding down. Ouch. "Erick, Help" I screamed in a high-pitched voice, and in like 20 minutes he had climbed up high enough to give me something to stand on, with his dad there to help us. I lowered my strap, hugged the tree, and he went down a bite. We repeated this until we got to the bottom.

Afterwards, my entire body ached. But let me tell you - it really made me think. I was hangin from the seat o' my pants faster than you could every imagine. If you honestly feel that you'll be able to catch yourself, you're in for a big surprise - chances are, you won't.

For those hoping to use "turkey claws" or "screw in steps" to help you out in a jam hanging up there, it would be mighty hard. Morale of the story - don't even think of going out without a harness, and never hunt alone. The harness saved a lot of broken bones, possibly even my life today. I'm going to ALWAYS remember this morning.

While this is a snowboarding forum, I just wanted to give a story to others who hunt. TY!

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I ALWAYS hunt with a safety strap. I'm happy you made it out unscaved. I have heard horror stories about guys tumbling out of their stands because their bottom stand fell down. I tie my bottom to my top with a short piece of rope. At least I will have a chance to try and pull the bottm part up if it falls.

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