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Coiler FreeCarve, Bindings, Boots for sale

Guest sganju

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I have a Coiler 177 All Mountain for sale. It was built for a 5'8", 150lb rider.

Color Red. Ridden one season basically.

Snowpro Race Plate Step Ins

LINE Mike Nick Hardboots. Size 9-9.5 US.

Also have an older Burton Alp 162 - It was the Yellow board

Also have an old old Burton Factory Prime - I believe it is a 158.

Let me know if you're interested in any for additional detail.


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Here is the pic of my Coiler. Again it is almost brand new and ridden one season. $400, buyer pays shipping.

SnowPro Steps Ins. Used one season. $100, buyer pays shipping

I have the step in plates on my boots but was not able to take a picture as they are at my rents place.

Burton Cant. $10, buyer pays shipping




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Are you sure thats an all mountain 177? It doesnt look like one. It also says free carve on the top sheet. If it is a free carve it could be a 178 and waist width should be 18.7 and scr 10.5 which looks about right from the photos. Unless its a custom. I have a coiler all mountain 177 and it does not look anything like that.

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Yes it is a FreeCarve 178 with a 19cm ww. I ordered it custom 2 years ago I believe. It's been sitting in my closet and didn't even use it last season. I'm in Milwaukee so our seasons are getting shorter and shorter so it's not practical anymore.

I put that post up hastily without really checking my stats on the board so I'll answer any questions you all have.


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