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Where do we live?


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With the addition of Austria’s Sigi Grabner (by way of Andorra), our map at www.frappr.com/hardbooters now has 119 members.

www.stoked.at has promised to put up a link to it.

Here’s how it breaks down:

4 continents

19 countries

26 states in US

76 United States

10 Finland

9 Canada

4 France

2 Australia

2 Belgium

2 Croatia

2 Poland

2 Switzerland

1 Andorra

1 Austria

1 Czech Republic

1 Estonia

1 Germany

1 Greece

1 Hungary

1 Italy

1 Japan

1 United Kingdom

12 CA

8 CO

6 MI

5 NJ

5 UT

4 MA

4 NY

4 OR

3 CT

3 MN

3 NV

2 PA

2 VT

2 WA

2 WV

1 AZ

1 HI

1 ID

1 MD

1 NC

1 NH

1 NM

1 RI

1 SD

1 VA

1 WI

www.frappr.com/unicycleworld has 161 members. You don’t want a bunch of one-wheelers outdoing us, do you? :nono: If you haven't registered, do so today. And remember to save this site in your Favorites/Bookmarks.

There are still some developmental hiccups with the site. You can add items to your “shoutout” but can’t delete earlier entries. If your entry gets screwed up, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll delete it entirely so you can re-post.

Put the following code in your "shoutout" so other hardbooters can contact you if they're visiting your area.

a href="mailto:yourname@youremail.com?subject=Hardbooters hometown Map">e-mail</a

(Note: you'll have to add a < at the beginning of the script and a > at the end to make it work)

The problem with the system not recognizing a few zip codes persists. I've sent an e-mail to the site developers asking for help.

In the satellite view, you'll notice that some parts of the earth are gray and others are green. The gray areas are in high resolution. Unfortunately, you won't be able to zoom in as far in the green areas. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. In the United States, the entire states of Massachusetts and Indiana are in high resolution but other states have very little hi res.

If have some spare time, go to http://earth.google.com/ and download the free program. It allows you to tilt the view to an oblique angle and then "fly" between mountains. Well worth the effort!


Think Snow!


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The site developers got back with me promptly regarding the issues raised by some of you.

No way to edit existing content in "shoutouts" . Currently only delete is available. We are making changes constantly, so stay tuned.

Some cities not recognized - There are quite a few missing cities. Soon there will be an option to request new cities to be added to our database.

Any other suggestions or questions you'd like me to pose to them?

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We’re up to 148 registrants at http://www.frappr.com/hardbooters representing 21 countries and 29 states in the US. Nine carvers from the Netherlands have registered since the last update.

Several other hardboot-related forums have links to the map and Bernhard Hoffman of www.stoked.at was kind enough to insert a couple of links in his great site.

The Frappr site developers are aware that many cities are incorrectly listed and they are seeking help fixing the problems. They have created a site that allows you to input your location information.


Other questions can be answered at


Spread the word and encourage everyone to locate themselves on the map.


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I've created a page that answers a few questions about the map. Remember it's still in the development stage and will take a while to get the bugs out.


One annoying problem is missing "pushpins". Sometimes the map will be missing half the members. I've found that refreshing the screen a few times clears up the problem. I sent a request to the site developers asking that the problem be rectified. I also asked them to incorporate a mechanism whereby we can easily enter our e-mail addresses.

Does anyone have any other requests?


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Anyone out there that might be able to post a link in a Japanese Site? There's probably a large contigent there.

Great suggestion. It took some searching but I dug up an e-mail address at www.carvingmachine.com and sent a note asking them to post a link.

We're up to 174 now.


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