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Binding set up with plate system


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I use toe lift and cant for both feet and  heel lift on my back foot

Ivan from I-carve told me this belongs to past, old school. Now most if not all riders ride flat, especially when using plate systems like Allflex.

I’ve been using cant and toe lift from 4years ago with I started hardbooting and still now. 

I feel like I’m missing out now and I need your opinions


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Try stuff and then listen to your body. Anyone that says there's only one way should be viewed with skepticism. But you can try the general direction to see if it is better. 

That's said: Inward cant on both is less common now, unless you're knock-knee'd. 

Some of the racers used enormous heel lifts on their rear foot a little while ago. That's a very specific use case though! 

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“What Do Racers Do” would be a nice little mini series. This sport is pretty devoid of that type of knowledge, which is a self-defeating barrier for people interested in getting into it. That has always annoyed me. 

In what other sport is a professional’s setup so secretive? I mean you’ve got Ester and Benny Karl out there doing their best to get those Insta likes and I’m pretty confident at no point can you ever find out what they ride, how they set it up, or anything at all for people who would actually like to try and learn more about what they do.

It’s like board setup is some arcane dark magic


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hi all,

I seen Benji Karl in person back in 2022.

He uses lifts on heel and toe - at the same time using a 50 cm stance (which is relatively small for a guy of 185 cm height)

Seen a few racers back at SG Camps - most run both heel lifts, with some peeps running front foot flat.

Agree with @Coreythat you need to try and listen to your body what on what is comfy and what is not.

I personally like lifts as they allow me to extend the stance and have a little more fore/aft balance control.

@Pew this is very much a personal preference/need whether you use lifts/cants.

What makes you feel that you are missing out on anything? the current setup isnt working for you?

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