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Donek Freecarve I with Catek OS2 Bindings

Bob V

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Donek Freecarve I and Electric Blue Catak Olympic Series 2 long plate binding. Bindings have upgraded D3 dampers and include Intec quick release heels but will also come with original wire heel bales.

I'm the second owner. The original purchaser ordered this board after an Expression Session event. You can see this is a true custom board since it has a custom logo in the base- Yabo Baby.  See pictures. This has been extremely well cared for. Only used by a 6' 220 lb adult male.

Additional pictures can be provided. 




IMG_0174 - Copy.JPG


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On 2/15/2024 at 12:34 PM, trailertrash said:

I am curious how you came up with that starting price? 

Do you know what year that board was made?

I'm the second owner so I'm not really sure of it's age. I took the board to Donek in 2019 and Jeff couldn't tell me when it was manufactured. 

There's another FC with Catak's listed on Ebay (264155999453) for $1200.

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Hi Bob, welcome. That other seller and you are hoping for a buyer who is completely ignorant of the current market. Given how small this sport is, that’s probably only a handful of people, and nobody here. And then you’d be taking advantage of them.  The board is about 20-22 years old, and old tech. IMO this setup is worth $400 shipped, at best.

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