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Sidecut formulae? (This is more for Jack M.)


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I didn't want to revive an old thread in 2004 however I'd like to ask what happened to this article?


I'm a fan of Howe's book of mechanism of skiing. Hence my re-visitation to sidecut formulae for my upcoming customized skis. Trying to figure out how to transform from 159 to 183 length of snowboard to skis. 

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There it is.  The previous owners of Bomber made some odd decisions about reformatting the articles into pdf, and even deleting several that I had worked very hard on.  I just haven't gotten a round tuit to fix/restore them.  Stupid day job. 

Don't forget about Nate's sidecut calculator!


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Did someone say Sidecut formulae?  That's right up my alley.  Are you shaping a custom sidecut profile?  Or aiming for a given turn size?  Turn size can be tricky, as there's more contributing to it than sidecut.  Flexing a sidecut profile to meet a plane is part of what induces flex in a ski or board, but there's also flex coming from snow compaction.  That's how straight skis worked for so long -- turny in soft-ish snow, not so much when not.  And though sidecut depth is a good way to map a sidecut profile to a radial equivalent radius value, modern boards and skis are seldom radial.  Then there's the stiffness of the flex having as big or bigger impact on the turns than the sidecut.

Are you building your own skis and looking for CNC toolpath help, or just spec-ing a custom build with someone?  I think the outcomes can be better starting with a known build that you've ridden and say how you want it to behave differently than to pick a number out of the blue.

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