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Oxygen snowboard 176cm x 25.5cm - what model?


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Anyone recognise this Oxygen snowboard, made in Austria, looks like cap construction from the images, which is up for sale in my home city in New Zealand. The seller is acting on behalf of her son and clearly knows nothing about it. All my InterNet searches have turned up no clues. I've run out of image space so I've posted the link to the NZ auction site, TradeMe.


I'm assuming from the brand and dimensions that it's probably either an all-mountain or powder board design that's been sitting in storage for a good few years. The price is low, so you could argue I should just take a chance. With 14 boards in my rack already (11 rideable) I don't want to add one more unless I'm actually going to do more than just try it!

Many thanks for any info able to be given.

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I bought a used Salomon Daniel Franck 153 board (cap construction as well) from a rental shop at Ohakune for a sentimental reason. 

Almost never ride it…. If I feel like softbooting for that day, it’s either Donek or Rad-Air.


So there’s a fair chance it may end up being an oversized wall decoration…

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Have a RadAir Pinkerman Extreme 169 (Obsession variant) already. It carves OK but not as well as an old Avalanche twintip board I had from the late 90s. The Avalanche terminally delaminated during a trip to Aspen. Would love to find something that would be close to that.


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@SunSurfer ask for a tail graphic photo if you really want. the nose is a very similar scoop and profile to an oxygen supercross 164 that i brought out of retirement to get started into hardbooting a number of years ago and used intermittently as a rock board, slush board or whatever. it's about 30yrs old (93-94?) so i didn't expect much from it. was great while it lasted, but inserts are now unsafe to ride so it's a wall hanger. given the forces put onto the board while carving, i'd stay clear of adding a 12th board to your quiver. a 176 it's not really a beginner length. maybe a second or third powder board for about half the "buy now", pickup only, ride with caution and keep an eye on it. btw, waxing a white base is the worst.

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In the end I got see it in the flesh and bought it. Had had little use and stored inside. Some minor marks on the base and only surface edge corrosion, no pitting or blurring. Barely marked on top by the bindings.

Oxygen Summit 178cm

Tip 31cm, waist 25.5cm, tail 31cm, approx 150cm effective edge. Calculated SCR 10.24m

Max possible stance 66cm, min possible stance 40cm. Binding inserts setback 5cm from centre of effective edge.

Feels a little softer flex than a well used 2006 build Coiler AMW 177  I own which is marked 7.6 on Bruce's flex scale.

Tucked away with my other boards till next winter when I will write a review.


(Slightly better photos than the advert I saw. Public Imgur post so someone else looking for info & pictures will have more luck than I did!)

https://forums.alpinesnowboarder.com/search/?&q="oxygen summit"&page=2&quick=1&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy

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