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Who was at Squaw today Sunday 4/30 ??


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For once I wasn't the only hardbooter!

I never crossed paths or got close enough to identify their boards with the other two carvers but #1 had a chrome helmet and #2 had white deeluxe boots.  They also were riding solo it seems.

Was that anybody from here???

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Hey Ladia!

Great to hear you were out on the slopes!!  :biggthump    

Yes I was there Sat. running a few laps on Gold coast.  Surprised we didn't cross paths!   I'm still struggling post collision to get my mojo carving game back so I still suck and can only handle Gold coast and Big Blue for a couple of hours max.....but the crowds were massive Sat. and the lift lines were backed up out of the corral ropes by 10:30..... then I was done.

In those crowds my anxiety can't handle it!  

Today/Sun. was almost empty!  The forecast had called for overcast/cloudy  but that didn't roll in until 10:30-11am    So it was Sunny and No Crowds for me.  :1luvu:

Wasn't this the last weekend for Heavenly?   What lifts were you guys riding?  Once they shut down my favorite, the Olympic lift my season is done there. ☹️

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