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Thanks to ar(angel for the Renntigers!


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A big kudos to ar(angel! I got one new 168 GS Renntiger and one used 173 GS Renntiger from him today. They're beautiful! He also went the extra mile to finish up the deal, he actually chased down the UPS truck!

The new 168 GS was very cheap and in good shape. It has a few small blems, but nothing that would affect the ride at all. For the price, I feel like I stole it. He practically threw in the used 173.

Thanks Paul! Now, I've got to stare at these boards all summer... ;)

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Glad to hear you finally got to get your hands on those Tigers. You gotta promise me that if you use the 173 for a pond skim you send me some pictures! Wish we could get together and ride those bad boys right about now...:( I was staring at mine today too, guess that's why I'm hanging around here soaking up as much of the stoke that's left as I can. Hope your summer is a short one !

Thanks again,


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The weather has been crazy here. The snow literally melted away as those boards were in the UPS truck to me. It's going to kill me to have that sweet 168 collecting dust all summer.

I was autocrossing in 60 degree weather last weekend, now it's supposed to go up to a high of 32 for tomorrow's race. I hate spring and fall! :mad:

Anyway, if you're looking for a Volkl call up ar(angel. No connection or anything, I'm just a happy customer. :)

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