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mega stiff Prior WCR 185


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has not been ridden very much at all

this board is VERY stiff its every bit as stiff as my Coiler PR 190 that was built for someone at 265 lbs

its a great ride for a bigger rider that wants a big race stick with no compromises, just a straight up carving machine

in the chop it's allot of work, in the groom its amazing at speed and on ice its good

the board has been ridden very little and is in great condition the only thing wrong with it is a slight cosmetic blem on the topsheet

the specs length 185, waist 19.5, SCR 14.5, year 01/02

$275 USD you pay shipping(around $20 USPS)

if you use paypal and your credit card is the first payment option add 3% because I get charged 3% when you use a credit card

this is not a issue if paypal draws from your checking account.

I will post pics later tonight

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I will take trades

sims burners, 188 or a 197 would be great as long as it were in good condition and the tails are not cracked

stiff SL boards I might consider such as a coiler that was made for someone that is big

I also would take a freeride board, rad air tanker and a few others

swallow tails are cool, I would take one of those but not a 4807 (too short)

intec TD2s with flat and six degree cants or intec Cateks

boots, head stratos pro in a 27.5 or 28 would be good so long as you have not done any shell work to them

anything else you might have is worth asking me about but what I don't want would be any rossi or oxygen stuff

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What? No takers yet? Things are slowing down here on BOL, I guess. Any idea how much siffer than a 183 Renn Tiger race stock? Maybe the 265lbs mentioned is a little too stiff:confused:

Regardless, it is getting increasinly more difficult to find stiffer boards---I may be interested. Would like to see some pics when possible. Thanks. GJC

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Much stiffer than a Renntiger though, so it might take some getting used to.

Chirs, I was trying to compare it to the Renntiger 183 race stock. If I recall right, you have had experiece with this board. I think we had conversation about the RT race stock sometime back. Was that you? Anyway, I currently own both the 178 and 183 RTs. I like the 183 race stock much more as a GS boards go and would like to try something even more stiff.

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for a couple days

I will get pics up soon

the board is quite stiff, I would have to say I have not found anything that comes stock as rigid

on good cord this thing rips and rides better than just about anything that any of the major companies ever made

yes, I do prefer my Coilers but for a rider in the upper weight ranges I can't think of anything better

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if I put in a full season riding this board hard in particular in the spring or on soft cord it would soften up quite a bit

but as of yet no one has I put maybe four or five days on it and on those days when it got choppy the all mountain came out, before me I doubt it got much use it does not have much for the marks that bindings leave at all

bashing through crud at speed really takes allot of life out of a board but this thing I think could take a massive amount of abuse before it was too soft

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if yours is stock, and mine is stock...I didnt see mine as _that_ stiff, altho I dont often spend too much time thinking about that.

funny how "stiff" scares away some, and then others revel in it. a badge of courage I guess.

Im sure theyre at least similiar, and its a damn good board.

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can be hell but as long as it is not ice or post pow chop stiff does not bother me

out west this board would be amazing, the better the conditions the more this board shines, if the snow is soft enough to sink in the nose a little the stiffness makes the board able to hold in some turns that make you feel like superman

one thing this board will never do is fold in a turn, not many boards I feel that way about.

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