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I just bought my nieghbors 87 Concourse for 500$ the other day. In great shape with 8300 miles on it. It has not run for severalyears so I am in the middle of som minor maintenance and a battery. Not as fast as some of your British metal, but I ride slow anyway.

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Jeff, I will be especially vigilant, but remember he was exceeding the speed limit by a fair amount. And he lived but not sure about his quality of life. Actually wish I could make the trip to Boise and over to Stanley, Challis, Craters and do the whole loop. For now I sit in the garage and make revving noises to keep myself occupied.:D BTW All of that British product is very nice. Afriend still has his Speed Triple from 95 in perfect shape. Fun to ride but a little heavy at that time.

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Yeah, I'd definately be up for a group ride up North some time. Hoping to get my buddy to take up my board in his car, then ride up to Killington before they close.

About the S3... mine's actually a Lucifer Orange 97' (the 885cc EFI engine). I haven't listed it on ebay... was hoping someone at one of those cruise nights would be interested in it if I show up with a forsale sign. If not... I'll just keep riding it :D




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Originally posted by Bob Jenney

Pretty sure that's not Lincoln Gap and Geoff, we've not been over Lincoln on the motorcycles.


So it?s likely that that is Roxbury Gap.

You might be right about that. It was definately one of those E-W roads in the vicinity of 100 & 7. Not paved, closed in winter, rough (for cars, not 4x4s) in spots. Followed a winding brook/river in the low spots. Think it was actually through a state forest. I could be mixing a bunch of nearby places up in my head too :rolleyes:

When you say lincoln gap is really steep, is it paved and winding in the really steep spots? If so, then I did ride that, and this is not a pic of it.

Anyway... so much fun to ride up there! Is that your GS is the pic? Love them, but my legs are too long and my wallet's too thin.


Iolite cleaning instructions

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