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5'10" to 6", 165-185 lbs., what is your stance & board length?


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Check out this thread:


I usually go about 19.25-19.50" width, ~ 55 R, 60 F on 18.0 - 18.8 cm waist boards. On my SL and freeride decks, I can drop the angles down a bit (26.5 mp boots). I'm 5'8", 155 lbs. Boards range from 161 - 183.

Good luck!

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My setup: I'm 6'0" (okay, 5'11.5"), 170lbs, 30" inseam. Binding angles parallel, degrees depending on width of board to avoid overhang - currently 65 on an 18cm wide board (170cm long) and 62 on a 19cm wide board (180cm long). Stance width 19-5/8" on both. TD2s with 3 degree discs front and rear, front disc at 85 (toe lift with some inward cant), rear disc at 55 (heel lift with a little outward cant).

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5'11" about a 32 inseam with 27/28 mondo hoofs

I started with a narrower stance on hard boots with cants a few years ago and over the past few seasons have gone to flat/flat and a 21 to 22inch stance with 6 to 8 degrees "splay" between the feet.

angles change from board to board depending on width, but with a constance stance and splay I am not to squirrelled out swapping boards on a daily basis.

My typical 25 cm freeride will be 45/38 (that gives underhang)

My typical 19cm carver will be around 60/52 ( a bit of overhang on the back foot)


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