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Board Like Swoard


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Hello Ladies and Gentelmen.

1. I'm looking for the board who will be Long

and wide. Do anybody know about that thing ?

2. I want to know more about USA hard boards and boots. (maybe some of you

can to introducing me with that equipmwnt).

Uldis Hofmanis :cool:

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Guest Randy S.
Originally posted by pokkis

He must be very special carver, riding Swoard as normal, Coiler as goofey and Donek without bindings :D

We all noticed the same thing. His wife is using the Swoard. I think he just uses sex wax on the Donek. He's good enough that bindings are superfluous.

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Originally posted by UK40

And You gus can ride stomack on snow

like Extreme carvers from suisse?

I think for extremecarving is necessary

wide waist width,like Swoard has?

Do You have one opinion?

If you have a very wide waist yourself, you do not need a wide waist board, 'cause your stomach will be on the snow anyway....in fact extremecarving and extremelyfatcarving is a continuum:D :D

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Thanks friends, I asking, because for next

season I will looking for free carving board. This season I,d ride on F2 Speedster SL - (it's a hard work riding on it,I think You know What I mean).

Thanks to all uldis (sorry for my broken eng.)

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Here's a good discussion at TahoeCarvers.com regarding alternatives to the Swoard.


In summary, if you want to ride like the Swiss guys at extremecarving.com, it's helpful (maybe not necessary) to have a wider alpine board with a big side cut radius (12-13m).

So your F2 sl board with the small side cut radius will make it difficult to do fully laid out turns.

I've done laid out turns on boards with sidecut radius of 8.5m (Proton 149 SL), 9.0m (Proton SL 156), 10.0m (Donek FC2) and 13m (Proton GS 164). It's much easier and funner to get laid out on the board with the 13m sidecut.

If you have small feet (25 mondo or less), you should take a look at the Oxygen Proton GS boards as a cheap alternative to the Swoard.

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The thing I understand about Swoard is not only the wide waist width (21+) and radius (12 to 13 m), but that it is not longitudinally stiff like a race board.

Would getting a Speedster RS or Proton GS for EC/Swoard like carving require higher speeds and more work than a Swoard? Any experiences out there?

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It has taken me all season to figure out this board (I don't get to run it as often as I need to) (and I still have difficulties).

My son can lay this one over, and I am getting closer to it. I believe the sidecut is 15M, which is kind of long for riding crowded slopes. On a medium steep groomed slope with some speed, it will definately EC.

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