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Sinline plate

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spacer.pngThere is a "new" plate coming up.

Zan Kosir has been riding this in the world cup this year.



Wieght is 1850 kgs, 13mm stack height.

Apparently softer then allflex and little bit easier to ride

Will give it a try if possible.



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Seems that more n more peeps will be riding sinline this season.

Seb and Roland are on it apparently for this seasons world cup:


Interesting season coming up


I got to say that I have also decided to see for myself how it performs - I will write a bit of review when i get to ride it.

IS anybody giving it a try this season?



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3 hours ago, nextcarve said:

Is the Sinline brand somehow related to Sense?

They both come from Slovenia and they do cooperate with development

Gasper makes the plates while Andrek Cerne makes the boards.

You might know Andrej as well from sixth sense boot :


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I know Andrej. He participated at our Moon&Carve session. But I did not know if he's involved with Sinline.
Slovenia is very active and innovative in alpine and hardboot snowboarding for such a small country.

Sense are very good boards by the way.

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I finally had a chance to ride both the race mounts and the carve mounts.

on both the grip of the board/plate is immense, however with my nobile race the race mounts work much better.

When discussed with Gaspar he told me the race mounts work better for short/slalom turns and give back much more energy at the turn exit. This became apparent only after riding in a much steeper terrain. 

I have a medium flex plate with medium flex board.

a bit of footage riding black diamonds and the reds.

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