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Sinline plate

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spacer.pngThere is a "new" plate coming up.

Zan Kosir has been riding this in the world cup this year.



Wieght is 1850 kgs, 13mm stack height.

Apparently softer then allflex and little bit easier to ride

Will give it a try if possible.



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Seems that more n more peeps will be riding sinline this season.

Seb and Roland are on it apparently for this seasons world cup:


Interesting season coming up


I got to say that I have also decided to see for myself how it performs - I will write a bit of review when i get to ride it.

IS anybody giving it a try this season?



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3 hours ago, nextcarve said:

Is the Sinline brand somehow related to Sense?

They both come from Slovenia and they do cooperate with development

Gasper makes the plates while Andrek Cerne makes the boards.

You might know Andrej as well from sixth sense boot :


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I know Andrej. He participated at our Moon&Carve session. But I did not know if he's involved with Sinline.
Slovenia is very active and innovative in alpine and hardboot snowboarding for such a small country.

Sense are very good boards by the way.

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I finally had a chance to ride both the race mounts and the carve mounts.

on both the grip of the board/plate is immense, however with my nobile race the race mounts work much better.

When discussed with Gaspar he told me the race mounts work better for short/slalom turns and give back much more energy at the turn exit. This became apparent only after riding in a much steeper terrain. 

I have a medium flex plate with medium flex board.

a bit of footage riding black diamonds and the reds.

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Hello. My name is Gašper, i created this plate. So i had to join conversation since many of you are interasted in my plate.

Mr. E, interasting question...also hard to explain fast.

This is only my probably biased opinion 😅:

So with allflex and Iron rock, plate is mounted to the board in the middle with hinges that block further bending of the board at a certain point of distance betwen the board and the plate. So any further force to bend the board is transmited to the plate which is prety hard to bend so unless you are strong/heavy enough to also bend the plate, riding this setup will feel like first stage of bending the board is easy and soft, but after the midle hinges block further bending of the board, this setup will feel stiff. Also in this second phase where midle hinges block everything, the board is kind of blocked under the plate from freely bending, so chatter may feel like high amplitude - low freqency force...but this setup does give you more control over the board at higher speeds, because chatter becomes more high frequency-high amplitude force which is easier to manage. So in my opinion this clasic allflex/iron rock is only suitable for big/strong riders on longer boards who love to go fast...this problem was prety evident to me when transition to allflex happened 10 years ago, because some smaller/less agresive WC riders had lots of problems switching form monoplates....Also board design went alot in the direction of softer middle section of the board to compensate for too hard plates since then.




Sinline on the other hand is mounted only on the middle inserts closer to the nose. Conection to the board is done via composite leaf springs which blocks further bending of the board in a more progresive maner. So the board is never blocked as much from freely bending. That is why the feeling on edge feels a bit closer to monoplates, but with more control over the board. Also the design of the excenter hinges is alot diferent,... this defines the forces acting on the plate, resoulting in a much softer plate overall. This makes the plate simpler to control. Also it is easier to bend the plate so it is touching the board at least in the middle when fully loaded in a turn...resoulting in high frequency - lower amplitude force chatter. Lets say it this way....peak forces that you experience with sinline are a bit smaller, because the plate is softer and can not store so much bending energy which releases when you get chatter. This energy is also released at the end of a turn when you get kicked out...So potentialy Sinline can store a bit less energy, but because the board is not as blocked from freely bending, it has a better eficiecy of a turn than allflex/iron rock and is more managable on the limit/when you get chatter. So you can ride closer to the limit with more confidence. So far based on fedback generaly all people love it in Slalom. For GS it clearly works since Žan Košir was 2 times on the WC podium last year with it, but i would say it is a bit harder to find the right combo with the board than in slalom.




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Gasper welcome to the forum!

pleasure to have you here sharing your thoughts on AF/IR/Sinline plates.

I think everybody here would appreciate you explaining the difference in how the front and rear mounts work vs allflex. I personally noticed that they work much smoother then my allflex mounts used to work.

Also - what is the difference between a race front/rear mount and carving front/rear mount?


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