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Need womens boots


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Originally posted by cafercr35

Hey Enzo

Your the first to notice the boat. Yeah, it's a 1993 own it for 7 yrs. On the 4th set of motors. 502's with 4-71 blowers. 800 hrs ea. She boogies, 103 has been top speed. Speed on the mountain in the winter and on the water in the summer.

Wow! 103mph that's great!! Are you on offshoreonly.com? I used to lurk around....my screen name was O-Limit37. My family had a 1998 37 Stiletto with 575's on Winni...topped out at 92mph. We sold it last year...it was a very special boat...lots of great memories....I miss it a lot!! :(

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Thanks for the sight I'll check it out. I'm looking to sell the boat if you know anyone interested. I'm gonna get a 21-22 foot ski nautigue loaded for wake boarding. I'll be sad to see it go too. But the way I see it is: Let someone else enjoy it the way I did. Parents alway taught me to share.

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I've got 3 pairs of boots sitting collecting dust: (1) Raichle 222 in size 23.5 (I have a pair of Riachles that I like, but these are too small for me), (2) Oxygen Spectrum 24.5 new with tags, and (3) Burton Furnace 24.5

I'd sell any of them for $30. I'd reccomend the Raichle if the size is right. I ended up finding my boots from eBay Germany at the end of last season.



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Guest mthorp

Hi Kathy. Do you still have the Oxygen Spectrum 24.5 or the Burton Furnace 24.5 to sell? How stiff are they? Why do you recommend the Raichle's? I'm looking for 24/25's in a softer boot for a newer rider getting into racing.


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