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Big Jim rides the bullwheel SES

Mr. T

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As an epilog to the award winning video shown at the SES final party I came across some stunning pics of Big Jim preparing to ride the bull wheel. Held firmly to the chair by has butt pack Big Jim was unable to unload at the ramp. Just as I stood up to slide down the ramp Jim began shreiking, " Tom, I can't get off, I can't get off!" Poor, poor Jim! I laughed so hard I nearly dropped my sandwhich, in fact I was laughing enough that the pics of him rounding bull wheel were blurred. I'll try and be more steady next time. Pics are of the liftie running to console Big Jim, the liftie consoling Jim, Highlands bowl from the upper chair, last pitch of the climb before the summit, Big Jim relieving himself before the summit. Ahhhhhh, enjoy. Tom

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