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Help, I need spec's on Renntigers


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arcangel, just curious as to if you ever received the $$$ I sent you for the stomp pad. Hopefully it didn't ake as long getting there as the stomp pad took getting here. Let me know. BTW, I sent you an email of the bomber site as I can't find your other addie, anyways if you didn't get that email I just wanted to thank you for picking that up for me.


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Guest stoked

recently put 3 buyer's guide years online

2002/2003 2001/2002 1998/1999


snow is melting here big temperature rise in the last days but still alright up in the mountains

construction notes for the 01/02 grey RT translate to something like sandwich construction, woodcore, carbon layer ...

in case you check out the other pages the whole thing is from an european magazine so the smaller US brands are not included unfortunately

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Aaron I sent you an e-mail when I received the $$$, so we must be having a e-mail hit & miss going on. I finally was able to go see Ed, but he's pretty busy and with the season winding down I doubt we'll get to go this year. I'm hoping to get at least a few more days in before the snow's all gone.

Stoked, thanks for the info, it'll come in handy. I put the 168RT GS in today to get tuned. I'm hoping to get out and try that bad boy before season's end.



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