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Original Sin 4807 178 for $76

Mr. Colon

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Guest Randy S.

If it gets really soft, it should be great. Otherwise, it would be a tough ride in the east. You certainly scored a great deal. Give it a try and report back. My only concern would be losing traction with the front end carving hard in a corner if you hit a harder part of the snow. YMMV.

Congrats on the deal. Do they have more of them? If so, go buy them all and then re-sell them here for $100.

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I've got the 168 version. I'm the one trying to talk Gary into getting the bigger O-Sin. I've also been trying to talk another buddy that's 200+lb into getting the bigger version of my board. I’ve checked and have not seen any 178’s on EBay recently.

I got some spring like conditions this past weekend at the lower runs at Mammoth. The board handles fine in the soft/almost slushy snow. But I didn't feel it had any advantages over any other decent all mountain board for slush riding.

I would also recommend using hardboots. Another buddy of mine got the 168 version and rode it in softboots. He said his toes were hurting from riding the O-Sin. I assume it was because the O-Sin was wider than his normal free-ride board, so he had to lean over more to get the board to turn. Personally, I’ve never tried the O-Sin with soft boots.

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Ditto on the hard boots. I can't imagine trying to control the O'Sin 178cm beast in softies.

I've seen the 178cm rip in deep powder, crud and also in 2-3 inches of fresh. I've haven't seen it perform on hardpack.

Last year, after I saw Rick railing his 178cm, I realized that this is a great all-mountain carving board. Awesome looking too. I immediately bought one for myself. I paid $175 with tax and shipping, then bought a Marker ski bag for $10 to protect it.


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