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Which Vist plate mount combination are you using?


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I own a few Vist plates (plastic ones) and locked the back, no screws in the middle and float the front. Has anyone experimented with different mounting combinations (e.g. float front and back, locked in the middle or lock front, lock middle, float back), and did you notice any difference in board characteristics during snowboarding? Looking at my Vist Flex plate it's locked in the middle and front and back floats, so perhaps i have to do the same with the plastic plates?

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My understanding is that a lot of people started with the middle locked and both ends floating, but over time the standard seems to have settled on a locked back and everything forward floating.


Definitely play around with it and see what works best for you.

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On 1/22/2020 at 11:18 PM, jadejong said:

do you experience any difference between locking the middle and float the ends compared just locking the back and floating the rest? I don't...

I notice the difference.  When I used the Vist plate I prefered to lock the back and float the front (and float the middle or not use any screws in the middle).  The problem I see a lot with the Vist plate is; people over-tighten the screws that are supposed to float, which results in the plate not sliding/floating smoothly (or at all).  If you like the Vist plate (or the concept of it) then I suggest you consider the Donek F Plate because it has a superior mounting system that allows it to slide/float freely as intended.

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