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SOLD: CATEK OS2 standard short plate bindings - D3 elastomers


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SOLD: CATEK OS2 standard short plate bindings.SOLD

Here's a nice complete set of Short plate Catek OS2's with upgraded D3 Elastomers. The Catek website(!) says "short plate" is for size <US10 and <180lbs.  I think these are the best for quick on-hill cant/lift adjustments and you can center the most difficult boot soles (think UPZ).

All in nice condition, nothing stripped or buggered.  The rear heel bail has a very nice adaptation that keeps the bail in the up position; without flopping back, while still allowing the bail to be folded for storage. It has a micro adjusting hex screw for height.   It is very functional and elegant.  Someone did some nice thinking/work here.

$225 shipped to USA

I have more pics if you like.  Payment with Paypal F&F or add.  

PM me or email rjnakata (art) aol (dart) com






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5 hours ago, chaoticbiker said:

I don’t know if they’ll still be around come late February (tax return time), but if they are, I’m interested.  Do you happen to know if a Deeluxe Track 700 mp28 fits the short plate?

Refer to Wolf's post above for SB and AF Deeluxe boot compatibility.  Thanks Wolf! 

For the shorter sole length of UPZ the "short" may work for M28, but you might not have the ideal fore/aft adjustability you'd get with a long plate.  For my M26 UPZ short works beautifully like non other.   I suspect they would work for M27.  Not sure about M28.

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I've got mp 28 UPZ boots and I'm trying to figure out if these would work. Looks like your heel is almost at the very back of the plate (half step to go on the top).  

Which screw holes are you using for your mp26s at the front of the plate. 

Like the heel mod. My mod is a pair of tie warps to pull the bail up. 

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On 1/30/2020 at 1:46 PM, Jpilon said:

Which screw holes are you using for your mp26s at the front of the plate. 

In order for me to get the centering mark on my M26 UPZs directly over the kingpin bolt I have to use the front-most holes for the toe block.  That boot centering mark seems so far forward, but that will give you an idea.  IF you want that mark over the kingpin M28 probably won't work



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