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"Carvers Gone Wild" Thankyou Bricky


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I want to offer my apperation to Had Brick for planning CGW 05.

With out his dedication to the sport, and effort in planning this

gathering, it would not have happened.

Personaly,I enjoyed being able to carve with, what I think are

some of the best carvers on the East Coast. As a "Carver in

Training"I learned a great deal from being able to watch and

receive tips from them.

I will always rember my trip to Okemo.

Great job Had!!!



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...indeed! It was good to see many carvers at Okemo for once.

It is one thing to see one or two carvers ripping the trails. When you see 20 or more, it's an eye opener! As much as the CGW crew were having fun, so were the skiers watching us!

It is a good feeling! Thank you again Had!:D

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I'll echo the others' sentiments, Bricky,

You pulled together the logisitics and put on a great show! I wish I could have gotten up there earlier than Saturday but the experience was well worth it. Ron and Elliott gave me some invaluable guidance as to how they lay down those incredible carves. I got some limited video of them that I saved in an avi format but the file is 250mb and it would kill my little site's bandwidth to host it. If they want to see it, I can burn it on a CD and mail it.

Again, thank you for organizing the event!


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