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What's still worth riding in the Mid-Atlantic?


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Hi All,

Has anyone ridden WV, VA, or PA resorts (within a few hours of DC ) in the past 48 hours? 

I've yet to ride this season and my family wants to do a quick weekend trip. We were looking at Wintergreen (VA), but I looking at the forecast and their cams, I just don't think it's going to be worth it this coming weekend - snow is soft and loose (per the cams).  I'd consider Snowshoe but not sure it's that much better.

Saw a recent article that said that snowfalls throughout much of the MA are significantly lower this year (again).



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Sorry I missed this post!

I just got back from Seven Springs in PA. Great coverage and conditions. This week looks good temp and snow wise, they have decent deals on lodging/tickets. Plus, its a great carving mountain.

Snowshoe is okay... not my favorite carving mountain. Trails are tight... plus gets pretty crowded....

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Snowshoe’s annex called Silver Creek has a couple of nice carving runs I think. I haven’t been there this year. If I’m solo it’s easier to fly to SLC for 4 days. I’m 20 miles north of DC. The drive to Snowshoe gets longer every time I do it! One neat thing about the shoe is the abundance of southern accents and good manners. 

Seven Springs is good. Good coverage. A handful of solid carving runs. It’s a good destination if you have your family in tow. They have lots of entertainment options. Plus the breakfast buffet at the main lodge is outstanding. I like that the place employs cool locals. Coverage has been solid this season. 

My closest hills are liberty, Whitetail, and Roundtop. All 3 are working. Everything is covered. Whitetail has the only detachable quad lift. All others at the three closest PA hills are fixed. On a crowd-free day you can get a lot of turns off that quad! 


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