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Guest Randy S.


Scratches add character. What's the problem?

You can add some adhesive plastic film to the top to protect from scratches. 3M makes some cool stuff for cars. I don't know if it would work well in cold where it needs to flex. Worth a try I suppose if its important to you.

One place you get plenty of scratches in transporting boards. I have a few of the Bomber Board Bags for my boards. They make it easy to transport single boards and protect them in the roof box.

I never bother to repair / camo scratches. I suppose stickers would work, but what's the point. Scratches on the base are another matter. Those I fix all the time.

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I just finished buffing my 197 &188 burners they had minor road rash problems

from lift lines. They look better than new. I used same buffing compounds as I use on my surfboards or you can also use car buffying products starting from heavy grit to fine some times wet sanding is also needed depending on how severe the scratches are.

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no sealant is required these are just buffing agents that restore the exsitng fininsh. A clear gloss coat can also be applied with finishing resin but you have to know how to work with these products such as resin or laquer.Buffing takes some skill using a power sander with a buffing pad . practice on a old rock board before you take it to your baby.

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