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Switch Rig - This Looks Cool!!


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Seems like a good idea. If I didn't already own SVST tools for these exact things, I'd definitely try this!

Does multiple things:

  • Side edge guide (2deg + 3deg)
  • Base edge guide (0.5deg + 0.75deg + 1deg)
  • Sidewall plane/trimmer (7deg)
  • Scraper sharpener
  • Paltry CAD199 (compared to SVST SS stuff - USD125 sidewall planer, USD75 side edge, USD75 base edge, USD20 scraper = USD320 = CAD424 and that's just 1 angle, and this comes with 2 edge and 3 base angles)



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I've never used this so I can't vouch for it, though. But it sure looks cool! You'd need diamond stones (edges), a little spring clamp and a panzar file (sidewall and scraper). I've never had a need for a gummy stone honestly.

I like Moonflex stones *shrug*. DMT are cheaper, though.

This season I'm using Maplus wax. Got it from tools4boards. 

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I think with tuning gear you can buy the stuff you want in the long term and don't go cheap, but buy the bare minimum to start, the next year you can buy the missing pieces and the following year you can buy the luxury items you want.

Essentials I think go like this:

Later you can get a whole set of diamond/ceramic/arkansas/gummy stones, files, soft/med/hard waxes, base edge guide, sidewall planer, vise, scraper sharpener etc etc etc... I started with the above then got a full set of stones, base edge and sidewall planer the following year, then the next year I just bought random luxury items because I had nothing else to buy. At least it spread the cost over a few years and I wasn't missing anything from the beginning really.


Tognar, Racewax and Tools4Boards are all good from my experience. Racewax is generally cheaper than Tognar and the service from Tools4Boards was great.

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