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Ride el hefes


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For anyone that’s interested in them, get them, big discounts can be had.

there was some talk about them in a thread I can’t find now... 

bought a used pair of 2016 should of been patient as this year’s binding is going for $275 a couple places. the new straps are a little different. Don’t like the straps a whole lot but it’s still a more responsive binding than the catek freeride as the heel hoop is a little stiffer.  

Better highback than the flow nx2 gt, flows still own the toe-side turn due to the mongo unistrap thing. 

Haven’t had them on hard snow yet only the spring corn but they are good!

come in a sweet case! 

Glad I bought them, really nice binding! 



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Yeah, I have 3 pairs and absolutely love them (2013, 2014, 2015). Only other binding I use is the Now Drive on my bigger boards. Switched the anklestraps on the 3 of them for Burton Hammockstraps, and put 2015 Slimebacks on the 2013 baseplates (broke one of the original hibacks in a collision with a buddy).  I would love to give the new anklestraps a try. They look like they would be better then all the previous versions.




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