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A where to get stuff sub forum or sticky thread?


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There’s a variety of obtainables that might as well be unobtanium unless someone is willing to ask or knows the the proper search terms

i know some of that is covered by the carvers almanac but it wouldn’t hurt to have a thread or a sub forum.

short and sweet but gets you where you need to be.

for example there’s a bunch of spring systems for boots now. I don’t know the names of any of them other than BTS and the drupi one. 

Anyway, a thread that eventually gets locked or at least pruned often to keep the noise down. 

Something like 


G-style, Japanese company, apparently the largest size is 285, no North American distribution. Also sells bindings. Www.whatevertheurlis.com

and so on. 


bomber, out of production but my crazy uncle jimmy will machine you replacement parts. jimmy can be reached by emailing beerpong17@compuserve.net


is this feasible? 

Does it already exist and I just missed it? 


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