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Catek WC Fit and Setup

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I just came into possesion of a pair of WCs (thanks Wolf!). They're in great shape and I'm eager to try them out.

Firstly; Is a spacer for the center kingpin such that it can be fully tightened without any tension on the corner set screws strictly necessary? I'll obtain one, as I'd like my sole attachment point to not be dependant on other screws staying tight. Hardware store isn't open again till tuesday though. 

Secondly; The fit of the rear bail around the heel is far from stellar and makes me worry about rocking a foot out sideways. The same problem can be see in this thread. Given that a foot coming out at speed makes my knees creak in terror, I'm strongly considering modifying the bails for better fit. Anybody have any experience with these working/failing/modifying them?

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The spacer isn't absolutely necessary but you're bending the plate which never feels really good. You're not going to break it on one day but I certainly would put the spacer on ASAP.

Yeah, that bail isn't confidence inspiring. I've had good luck putting it in my vice and giving it some love with a rubber mallet (I modified mine to be Intec compatible so I moved it to the front). Seems to respond well to mild violence. Do not try to heat it or bend it too much.

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Moved the heel bail to the front.

Gave it the aforementioned love with the mallet.

Drilled and tapped two M5 holes in the back (difficult because there's not a lot of width to work with)

Mounted the steel receiver from Bomber.


Works like a charm. Check out the 3D printed toe bail holder that prevents it from flopping too far forward.


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I persuaded them tighter with a hammer and vise. Not quite as clean or even as I'd have liked, but I'm not at the shop much currently. I wound up getting a bit eager with the vise on the second one and pinched it too tight to get the heel in. Had to hold the bottom together and whack the corners back outwards. Fits alright now, I'll probably even it out nicely in the future when I feel patient and fiddly. Pictures to follow tomorrow.

Your conversion looks good. I like the bail holder, you make it yourself?

Ever put something under the plate around the inserts to mitigate binding suck? I bought some neoprene washers, but they're too thick. Have to thin them out some and try again.

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Finally got to ride them. They feel great, so much better power and finesse transfer than the F2 Ti Race. The bails seem to be holding well.

What do you have for a spacer on the kingpin? Something solid won't work currently as the length will change with adjustment of the set screws. I tried a steel washer and two neoprene ones, but they had too much give. I'm considering just omitting it until I get everything dialed in and then making some that length. The plate is beefy enough that it didn't give perceptibly without.

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