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Snowfall in Colorado?

Kurt Swanson

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Planning a trip to Denver the second week of March. I will be going to Vail, Keystone, A-Basin and Copper while I"m out there. Just curious on the snowfall this year.  Launched a new business last year and have had my head so buried in the sand I haven't' been able to keep track of what's going on out west. Haven't seen any of the the Olympics and I heard there was some sort of election a year ago?

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Was at Wolf Creek yesterday with 33" fresh and a few more expected in the next few  days.  This season has been slow and dry but may have picked up recently with the splitting of the polar vortex (https://www.usatoday.com/story/weather/2018/02/16/polar-vortex-split-stratosphere-warming-suddenly-what-does-mean-our-weather/344645002/)

Fingers crossed you should have some good snow.

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Thanks for the info guys! Winter started really strong for us here in Michigan, but it kind of ran outta' gas for January & February. In fact it's raining here (again) today. Grrrrr......

How's a guy supposed to get in shape for a ski trip, if he can't get a bunch of runs in ahead of time? Dang.

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