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Belleaye mountain

Jeff novack

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I am on Long Island as well.  I am a $0.02 rider and even crappier instructor but more than happy to share what little I know.
There are so many that have help me in the past and I would love to give back just a fraction.
Not sure when my next trip is.  Rally at Berkshire East(MA) will be fun but the weather will be warm.

Getting the boot/binding setup properly (at least in the ball park) really filtered out the noise and help focus on the technique.
I must spent the first 2-3 seasons fighting the setup...  This could probably be done off-mountain.

To really dialed it in:  So much of it have to do with your bio-mechanic.
A trip to Sugarloaf Maine and seek out the good doctor is well worth it.

Nothing beat T.O.M. (time on mountain):  practice make perfect if we know what the "proper feeling is"

start with:  http://www.bomberonline.com/instruction-articles/

One edge at a time :-)  You are going to have so much fun.



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jeff (and pow), -

[ i see this is an OLD post...but hopefully you are still present on this site/forum and still riding the belle!? ]

2020: i went in halfsies on a cabin just around the corner from belleayre, so i am there often (mainly weekends).  look for the teal blue jacket and b&w pants (mainly on superchief quad - - running 'roaring brook' & 'belleayre run').  am new to the mountain, so i am still seeking other fitting runs.  more snow will help in that effort...fingers crossed!  the conditions were pretty damn good this past weekend, though! 

would love to connect and help you out!  i have only seen one other carver there (over new year's)...we need to rally together!  will likely not be there this weekend, but certainly the following (leap-weekend)...and beyond.

let's trade contact info and start up our own ride alerts - - would welcome being connected to other carvers that frequent the belle!

------ christian.

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Belleayre had more natural snow than I expected. They received about 3 - 4 inches the night before I rode there. Conditions were pretty good for carving. I felt it was actually a little to soft but at times you could feel the hard pack right below the surface of the soft snow. Personally I'd rather just ride the hard pack. All in all it was a good day especially on  Belleayre run. The top was a mogul field but the middle section was pretty good for driving good lines.



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