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Norquay advice?


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Hello,  absolutely huge Louise fanboy here (Men’s World Cup 4 life!) returning to Alberta after 11 years - unfortunately due to Family Day their daycare was completely booked, so we had to get in at Norquay instead.  A bitter disappointment but then I remembered that I haven’t snowboarded for the past seven years and have started again on local Toronto hills.....it’s gonna be just fine. :biggthump

I’ve never been to Norquay - what’s it like?  Any particularly recommended carving runs?  I’ll be on a soft-boot setup on Saturday afternoon and all day Monday, before moving on to KH....

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Only been to Norquay once...mostly hang out at Nakiska (where all the groomers are), Sunshine, and Louise.  What I remember is that the runs are pretty narrow...bringing my 171 around was scary...TREES...COMING...FAST.  There is one chair (North American) where I believe you have lots of steeps...I wasn't on that one.  The other chairs I found the runs pretty accommodating...other than narrower than I wanted to ride that day.  I still had fun!  But, yeah, not Louise.

Kicking Horse...never been...need to some day...


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7 minutes ago, ShortcutToMoncton said:

So Nakiska is the one, huh?  A friend told me to give Norquay a try only because she figured Nakiska might be crazy over the holiday weekend! 

Your friend is right.  Nakiska will be virtually unrideable, judging by the weekend crowds we experience during NES. 

It's been a lot of years since I've been to Norquay so it might have changed, but basically it is divided into the main mountain (to the left looking up from the lodge)  and the rest of it (to the right).  The main mountain is quite steep and challenging, I remember North American in particular having VW-sized bumps.  I don' t think they groom it much.  The rest of it is intermediate-y.  It's basically the Banff locals' hill, the tourists and Calgarians mostly go to Louise or Sunshine.  Lots of race training there.

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Well, contrary to the weather report, Saturday at Norquay was freezing af!  One of the lift guys said it was pushing -25 in exposed areas.  It really wasn’t too busy 

A daycare spot opened up, so will be happy to be finally back at Lake Louise tomorrow!  Hopefully I’ll run into someone else cruising some nice turns.  :)

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