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missing skier


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 Skier (Toronto firefighter) goes to Whiteface Mt Feb 7th. skiing with buddies decides to go alone after friend gets tired. At the end of the day doesn't show up. Up to 140 people search 7000 hrs. Yesterday he turn up in Sacramento  California. No mention of a clunk to the head or Herbal tea being involved. To me the strange part is he still had on his ski gear ? Last time was at Whiteface i had to dive home. This guy seemed to find a downhill trail.

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He's lucky he wasn't in NH, that's some kind of bs going on somewhere there.


Last winter we were really busy and the county started getting to that level where they talked about recouping the costs," Meyer says. 

In New Hampshire, officials are already doing just that. A decade-old law charging people for the costs of their rescue if the behavior that got them into the mess was deemed "reckless" was rewritten this past summer, lowering the bar so that merely "negligent" behavior could saddle you with a bill.

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