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Deeluxe Track 700

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I recently (february 2014) bought a pair of Deeluxe 700 to replace my ageing SB413's.

The 413's have lasted about 9 years and were always both too soft and too big. My feet measure at just over MP 27 and the 413's were MP 27 in line with the guidance on Bombers site. I used Intuition liners to compensate slightly for the sizing issue but this was always a work-around. I weigh around 95kgs and the 413's were always too soft. As I got better and put more force through the boots this became more of an issue. With the Bomber BTS installed the boot sidewall would collapse rendering the BTS irrelevant for flex control. Also the distorted boot pinched my feet and gave me pain.

The 700's are an obvious step up: much stiffer with far better straps and buckles and a higher level of construction and finish generally. I have installed the BTS and intec step in heels. The pair I purchased are MP26.

Using the same Intuition liners and custom footbeds I was able to get a much better fit. the toe box on the 700's is a little wider than the 413's and the slightly smaller boot fits better around the heel and ankle. I have spent years barefoot on sailboats and I have a wide foot. For the first time ever I have a snowboard boot that fits properly!

I have used them for two weeks in Europe in March and now two weeks in New Zealand's South Island.

There are two parts to this story - firstly they are a big improvement because they fit better with no slop or heel lift so every movement I make is transmitted to the board and vice versa. Secondly the straps are a big improvement and the stiffness of the boot in conjunction with the BTS means that I can tune the boot forward lean and flex to my preference. On a bumpy day I can soften the flex and on a smooth corduroy hardpack day I can stiffen the flex a little.

In general a massive improvement.

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