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Mistral Sonic?


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Yes, I hired one in Zermatt in about... 1990-something. That does not help much however as I can't at all remember how it rode. Not amazing, I didn't decide to buy one, but entirely ridable. Personally I was more driven to F2, but that may have been marketing (I was heavily windsurfer influenced). I don't think I'd go that far back as I think modern designs are better...

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Really? Anyone? I will have a chance to ride Sonic 174 tomorrow. I hoped to get some feedback before I take it out.

How did it go?

A photo will again help a great deal. This board was made for several years and they are very different.

The earliest versions were almost like a cap design and very , very stiff. Later a sandwich that was much like the Oxygen of the same time period.

Too broad a question to answer I am afraid.

PS. Thanks for the recent recommendation! We found him a nice set up that is on it's way!

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First of all, don't mention it. I couldn't think any better person to direct/offer a newbie into right direction other than you.

Secondly, the one I rode yesterday was Yellow 174 Sonic F.I.R.E. with 'Cap' like designed.

My Review: The deck's dimension was more of GS board and was stiff on hand test. In order to feel the deck's characteristics better, I mounted Phiokka bindings, which is known for lowest profile (binding height). Mounted bindings at centered on both front (Flat) & rear (lifted) to start with. Snow condition was loose granular but frozen, not too hard or too soft. Temp. was 28'F. The board was freshly tuned. Edges and base was like new.

It wasn't stiff at all. (oh.. it wasn't noodle. comparing it to Oxygen at same time period, it is stiffer for sure) I'm about 185 lbs and could bend the board easily. It turned like 11-12 m SCR boards. I was expected it would favor fall line but rather it favored carve line. Edge hold were not that superior but good. Few times edge didn't hold at upturn. I didn't check side/base bevel though. I kinda felt that I need to spread stance little wider since the stock placement of binding holes are too close together. Base was not that fast although the condition of the board was almost new and fleshly tuned. One thing interesting was I didn't feel any rattle on my feet. The F.I.R.E. things that placed on topsheet (look like two strips of carbon fiber sheet) must be absorbing some. All in all, it was a decent board for its age. I will test it again if weather gets colder but I doubt it. We just marked +60'F today.

After testing it for 4-5 runs, I switched to my board (Madd 170 that recently got cut its nose to be more hammerhead like) and loved every second of it. Superior edge hold and fast. Thanks Kurt.

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