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Balance & Snowboard Stance - illustrated with a slackline


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So this is right in one sense: that it's more efficient to use your arms to balance rather than your pelvis/torso on a slackline. But I don't think this translates to snowboarding so easily. Now I'm not the best physics guy, but I think there are more forces at play when you're "balancing" on a snowboard edge than when you're balancing on a slackline. MAYBE if you were going down the fall line balanced on a board that had a completely straight edge (that actually sounds amazing now that I think about it haha), but don't the g-forces/centripetal forces assist in balancing? or something? Also, your edge isn't freely moving, it's stuck in a little groove it's making. So I feel like edge groove + g-forces complicated this a lot.

Good balance and core training? Hell yes. I'm a huge fan of slacklines. Justification for choosing duck vs. directional? I think I need more evidence.

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