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Soft bootin


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Damn! I know that slope, and couldn't fathom ripping it like you did. :biggthump Nice work, hope some day you can show me how it's done. All the more amazing that it was shot in late afternoon light and that trail isn't all bumped up and scraped off. Was that on a Monday or something? :D

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Just having fun soft bootin on Zero-g, one off Mountain Creeks steepest diamond runs. Snow conditions were soft. Give the video a few seconds to load.


Hahaha, nice. Where is Dave? He should stay right in front or behind you and doing the same arc and the exact same movement just like how they do it in the pro carving video (but in bomber style and in softboot). Let me get some footage of you guys in my gopro next season.

@icebiker: oh, you have a ride Yukon 172. I too have a ride Yukon in 159 that I have ridden both in soft and hard boot from 0,0 to... +12,-12 to... +30, +25 to.... +50, +40

BTW, JT rides over 60 degree in both his bindings in soft boot.

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