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SUCS Trip Report & Rub In


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With the carverati of the alpine world congregating in Colorado and not being quite as generous with the snow porn as past years (ahem), time was heavy on our hands here in Portland. So, it was time to take advantage of our unusually heavy* snowfall with the <b>S</b>poradic <b>U</b>rban <b>C</b>arving <b>S</b>ession.**

*"Unusually heavy" snowfall in Portland is more than half an inch.

**"Sporadic" because we only get this much snow about once every 5 years.

A few spots here in town looked like good prospects:

The OHSU tram could have come straight from a European ski area -- at least, if that ski area had the stomach to complete a construction project that went 400% over budget.


Mt. Tabor, a summer destination for the other kind of longboarding:post-30-141842408381_thumb.jpg

<a href="http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-15591350">The Zoo bomb route</a> -- consistently steep roads accessible and shuttle-able by public transit, identified by local freak bikers and longboarders as the best easy-access downhills in town.

Based on tram schedule and sanding / plowing, it looked like the Zoo bomb route was the best pick. So, out of bed, into town


and onto the train I went...


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And here we are, getting off the train in the tunnel at the Washington park station...the cheapest ski lift I've ever ridden.


A 250-foot elevator ride to the surface and it's time for the SUCS Retro Board Competition! I thought my garage find Burton had a chance, but the competition is tougher than I expected. The asym Hot paired with the neon 80s boots wins it hands down.


And a quick scan of the park rules to make sure we're not going to have any problems...nope, looks like we're all good.


Looks like it's time to hit the slopes!

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