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Donek Plate


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Donek Plate with original mounting hardware and second board kit of updated hardware. Also comes with the plastic guides to help mount the plate.

$275 plus shipping. **** SOLD ****




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I tried Pming you but the site is acting wacky, not sure if it got sent or not.


I have a Burton Speed 168, a Regular Asym Burton Alp 171 and a Gromel Stiletto 171.

I do have others as well just not sure I would want to get rid of them.

I did just buy a 2011/2012 Donek FC1 that has never been on the slope and I would think that the plate would work great on that board.



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Windham, NY 12496. Is this a 1st generation plate ? How old is it? How much have you used it?

Thanks, Bricky

Yes, this is a V1 plate. I rode it one day this year, and about 4 days last year. I let Powdahbonz ride it for 2 days last year in Canada.

I'll PM you a shipping quote.


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I'm interested as well for the same, 275+shipping if your first offer doesn't go through. I had enough stuff sent up here via bomber to have the customs stuff 100% worked out :D

OK Tyrith, I'll let you know if the sale goes through with Bricky or not. I don't mind shipping to Canada.


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