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  1. HI, Looking to see what's out there for sale for Boots Size 25.5 Thanks. Greg
  2. $200.00 plus shipping Thought I was going to try this one day but never got it around to it, this board has never been ridden and has some light rust on the edges which will come off with it's first tune. It's in great condition and the pics show the tags still in place.
  3. Thanks, selling it, buyer was asking.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know when this was made and the specs for it, its real hard to read on the board. Thanks
  5. Burton Speed for sale, never had bindings on it. This has Second imprinted on the nose of the board, I have too many boards, make offer Thanks
  6. Yup, I bought if from Lagston and I'll never use it as I now ride a Donek FC and other boards. My friend does want to learn Alpine riding but well see. Greg
  7. yes it is, this is a board in my collection that I will never use so I was thinking of giving it to him or selling it.
  8. Any carvers here in the Phx area? Greg
  9. Omg, yes I remember that VHS, lol, that is one brutal video.
  10. Congratulations!! That's awesome.
  11. Hi, What does this convert to is mens shoe size? Thanks. Greg
  12. I may be interested, first in line.pending pictures. Greg
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