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Losing screws?

John Gilmour

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Its the season again and once again I search for lost screws after I took my bindings off.

Something I would like to see in all the new binding revisions- 4 threaded holes

They could be in the discs themselves or in the carriages. Just a place to screw in your 4 screws when your bindings are dissassembled so you don't lose them.

Maybe even have one threaded hole so you could have a spare packed in there.


Chinese cooking

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Hey John:

You need to put all of your screws into a little zip lock bag when you take them off and put the bag with your bindings - never loose them.

How have you been - haven't seen you since Da Farm this summer?

What is the status of the possible re-release of Madds??

Have a great XMAS and will see you at ECES.



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When I took my TD1s off last spring, I put the mounting screws into the discs and screwed the plates down onto the discs. All the screws were in place when I put everything back together a couple days ago.

I have in the past put the mounting screws into the board, just finger-tight, for the summer.

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I have a couple of screws loose . . . :D

But beside that - what I do sometimes is to leave screws in the binding after I take it off - just put a scotch tape or other sticky tape over the HEAD of the screw onto the binding. This way the screw has no way of escaping . . . May make some bindings "dirty" (Scotch tape residue) after you take it off, so you may forgo this method. I do it cause it's quick, cheap, I don't care about the residue and I ALWAYS have scotch tape (unlike ziplock bags) :D

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